Autometic Agarbatti Making Machines

A coconut husk pealing machine is a mechanical device designed to remove the outer layer of a coconut husk. This process is essential in order to access the nutritious and delicious coconut meat inside. The machine works by using sharp blades or teeth to scrape off the tough outer layer of the husk, leaving behind the fibrous inner layer. This inner layer can then be further processed to create various products such as coconut coir, which is used in gardening and horticulture, or coconut fiber, which is used in making ropes and mats. The machine is typically powered by electricity or a diesel engine and can be operated by a single person. It is a time-saving and efficient way to peel coconuts, especially in large quantities. The use of a coconut husk pealing machine not only makes the process easier and faster, but it also reduces the risk of injury from manually peeling coconuts. This machine is a valuable tool in the coconut industry, making the production of coconut-based products more efficient and sustainable.


    300-350 Sticks per mins
    6 inch to 9 inch


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